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Owl be seeing you in the morning!  Nighty Night!  Sleep Tincture Blend. - order below...

Single Herbs extracted in Alcohol - Folk Method:
Please consult a qualified health practitioner as to use.  May be contraindicated.

Ambrosia - fresh
Burdock Root
Calamus Root
California Poppy
Cat's Claw
Chapparal Leaf
Cleavers - fresh
Codonopsis Root
Coltsfoot - fresh
Gokshura Seed
Goldenrod - fresh
Gotu Kola
Houttuynia - fresh
Lemon Balm - fresh
Lemon rind - fresh
Lobelia -Ban Bian Lian
Lobelia inflata - fresh
Mimosa Bark
Mugwort - fresh
Plantain ROOT - fresh
Poria root decotion
Privet Fruit
Raspberry Leaf
Red Root
Siberian Ginseng
Tansy - fresh
Teasel Root - fresh
Usnea - fresh
Valerian Root
Wild Lettuce - fresh
Yerba Santa

Choose your varieties and quantities, then add the appropriate shipping cost, below.*
***Please note which tinctures you want when you order.***
1 oz. - $8.95 ea.

2 oz. - $14.95 ea.

Shipping (expensive for liquids)*
$8.95 flat rate for up to 5 bottles

$12.95 flat rate for 6-15 bottles, inquire for larger quantities.

SPECIAL! - Buy 10 bottles, get a 1 oz. bottle free!
Specify upon ordering which one you'd like free.

The information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any medical condition. 
Please seek a competent health care provider for your specific needs.

 *If you are buying several Ravenwind Botanica products at one time, whether the same item or not, you can save substantially on shipping as I will ship it all together, please inquire and we'll get the payment set up right for you.  :)  You can click on 'Ravenwind Botanica' in the list to the right to see all products available.  Thanks for supporting my work.

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