Going Nuts! - a Recipe: Gluten-free Nutella Crepes

Okay, so I just fixed a crazy good dessert and have to share it with you...

It's so good it'll make your skin turn inside out 
and your socks shoot off to the stars.


 If you think you can handle this decadent delight, here's how to make it for two:

For each crepe-type bottom mix one egg and about 1/4 c. hemp or other milk, whisk until frothy, and pour into a well-greased small skillet (I used about 1/2 Tbspn. coconut oil and a 6" cast-iron skillet).  You need to make sure it will flip and come out of the skillet in one piece, so no skimping on the fat.  Once lightly browned on both sides and cooked through place on a plate, then fix the next one.  While this is cooking chop about 1/4 c. of pecans.


Once your "crepes" are ready, spread each one with 2 Tbspn. of nutella (if you are lucky your grocery store will sell an organic, natural version of this hazelnut cocoa spread like mine does).  It's not easy to spread unless warmed - just do the best you can.  Top each with a half of a banana, sliced, then sprinkle on chopped pecans.  Best served warm.

This treat is high enough in calories to have it instead of a meal (about 500).  It's higher in protein and fiber than most desserts thought so you can feel good about it on occasion (about 12 and 3.5 grams, respectively).  I like too that it isn't made with flour.

I'd say Enjoy! but that would be superfluous.  :)

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