Bath Salt and Scrub - DIY and For Sale

This wonderful aroma-therapeutic blend is a scrub for use in the bath or shower, 
especially good for elbows, knees, and feet, but you can use it all over...  
Use it in a bath and it becomes bath salts when you rinse it off.  Or just scoop some 
into your bath for the relaxing and healing properties of the ingredients.  

Make some yourself:
The Basic Recipe:
2 c. mixed sea salts and epsom salt - rich in minerals, soothing, relaxing
1/2 c. oil - moisturizing - no need for lotion after your bath or shower
25+ drops of assorted essential oils - uplifting and rejuvenating

Makes enough for a 16 oz. container.

You can use whatever mix of salts and whatever oil or blend of oils you want.  Some good oils:  jojoba, apricot kernel, almond, hemp, grapeseed, jojoba...  Be aware it makes the shower slippery.  I prefer to use it in the bath anyway, that way you get the benefit of the soak in all this goodness.

Use one type or a blend of essential oils.  Choose them for their scent and/or actions.  I am linking a great book on essential oils below.  Make sure to include at least 2 drops of Rosemary essential oil for its preservative effects.  You can also add a tablespoon of Vit. E oil as a preservative.

or, Buy some I made:*
$25 for a large (16 oz.) container plus $5.95 shipping and tax (photo below)

 *If you are buying several Ravenwind Botanica products at one time, whether the same item or not, you can save substantially on shipping as I will ship it all together, please inquire and we'll get the payment set up right for you.  :)  You can click on 'Ravenwind Botanica' in the list to the right to see all products available.  Thanks for supporting my work.

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