Collage from the Archives

I am giving a talk tonight at Shenandoah Arts Council on Collage as a tool for healing 
and am giving monthly upcoming hands-on workshops on the same at Mountain Mystic Company
If you're local to the DC, MD, northern VA, and WV area and interested, 
check out this Facebook group for details.

Some of my collages from the archives for inspiration...
(technically they are mixed media assemblages; they are 3D)

Mindfield 2007

Tecknowledgy:  Take a Byte  2007

Fuel  2009

 Ants ended up invading the last one to eat the candy.  I loved this as it added so much to the concept I was attempting to capture, with the collage being about food.  It was interactive art with the ants crawling around and eating it.  Now the candy is long gone.  :)


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