Honeybee Contortions and Other Garden Delights

A more usual body positioning upon entering the flower...

...turns to some contortioning to get into the flower.

The other day at work I witnessed Honeybees contorting themselves to get the nectar of an abundantly blooming American Yellowwood Tree (Cladrastis kentukea) and I wanted to share it with you as I had never seen them bend their abdomens up; it appears "backwards" to what one usually sees with bees.  This is not a behavior seen in the hive (that I have seen in the hive - or garden before).

Humming with Life.

Note the stamens tickling its belly, releasing pollen (which can be seen best in the leg baskets of the first picture).

....and while we are at it, I will share with you a lovely short video of the paradise that is my home garden...

This Carpenter Bee plays the main character with various birds and my cat Wren covering the soundtrack.  ;)

...Wren insisted that I include her picture too (she is the one talking up a storm in the video)...

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