How to: Herbal Infusion for Eye Strain, Injury, or Infection - for humans and cats!

So this kittie came in with a weeping, half-closed eye the other day (not in this picture)... since it was in one eye and not both, I assumed it to be an injury versus an infection, but I address both similarly, being more adamant about repeat application with an infection, which will usually end up affecting both eyes, so in that case, I put this infusion in both, but since this was injury, I only put it in the injured eye.

This is a blend I have made many times to great effect for both humans, and especially, my cats.  I have had a multiple cat household of indoor/outdoor cats for over 20 years, and having been an Herbalist for all that time too, I often use herbs to help my cats and eye issues are one of the most common with them.

(Btw, I am not suggesting you do this without a qualified practitioner's recommendation.  You need to make the decision for yourself, or with the help of someone qualified, as to whether or not this is the right thing for you or your cat; I am not saying it is.  Eye problems can lead to serious consequences, so they aren't something to mess around with.  That said, this is what I do).

This time I used Calendula and Eyebright.  I also sometimes use Chamomile.  I used about a tablespoon of each dried.

Pour boiling water over, just enough to cover the herbs.

Cover and let steep for 10 minutes or longer.  If fighting an infection you can add about a teaspoon of colloidal silver later, after straining, if you want.  The herbs alone though do fight infection.  Colloidal silver was used in the days before antibiotics and is a powerful ally against infections of all sorts.

Strain, pressing the liquid out of the herbs.  Make sure that your hands and any utensils are very clean as we must be particularly careful with anything we put into the eye.
This will likely leave bits.  

With anything put in the eye, it must be well strained, I also use a coffee filter.

After straining and cooling, you may saturate cotton balls with the liquid if using for a cat.  For humans, use an eye cup or dropper.  For cats, I hold them and pet them getting them relaxed and then I put the saturated cotton ball over their closed eye with their head up and squeeze out some of the liquid so that when they open their eye the liquid goes in.  Another option is to use a dropper and drop several drops into the eye(s).  Do not re-use the cotton ball, wash any applicators between applications.  Remember to keep things very clean that are going in or touching the eyes.   I apply this 1-3 times a day.  If dealing with an infection that has lots of ooze or crust, you need to remove this first with a warm wash cloth.  If it is dried, use the warmth and wet of the cloth to slowly and gently dissolve and remove it.  .  Then apply your herbal infusion.  Or another option would be to make a lot of the infusion and soak your wash cloth in it and use it for cleaning the eyes.  If your cat does not cooperate; I find the easiest way to control them is to wrap them tightly in a towel so only their head sticks out.  This takes two people.  I've never had this not work for my cats and I have dealt with some serious infections with them.  It's so much easier to use this with humans though!

May the force be with you.


  1. Ah, thanks for this, Melissa; I have a 3 year old male with runny eyes; we've stopped giving him milk/cream which has helped a lot, but I will use your herbs as well.

    1. Let me know how it works for this. I've not used it for runny eyes that come with age. Definitely worth a try!