Persimmon Pie with Autumn-Olive Berries

This pie is not overly sweet, increase the sugar if that is your desire.

Satisfying and seasonal, like a pumpkin pie, but with a flavor twist - and one you cannot get from the store, but from the wild...

Nature's Bounty - and a taste delight.

De-seed the Persimmon by hand, or with a food mill.  Then compost the seeds or toss out for the critters.

Autumn-Olive berries are optional; you can leave them out if you don't have access to them.

To make one pie:
Preheat 375 degrees.

Place approximately 1 1/2 c. of Autumn-Olive berries in pre-made pie shell
(buy pre-made pie shells, or make your own; there are lots or recipes for this online).

Mix approximately 1 1/2 c. de-seeded Persimmon flesh,
2 Tbsn. melted butter or coconut oil for dairy free option
1/2 c. raw cane sugar
2 Tbsn. whole wheat flour or other for gluten free option
1/2 c. hemp (or other) milk
3 eggs
1 tspn. vanilla 
Once thoroughly blended, pour in shell and level with spatula and bake.

Spread into pie crust and bake 45-55 minutes.

Whip cream topping is optional; if you want this, just use organic heavy whipping cream and beat it until fluffy, then apply and eat.

I like to double the recipe when I can to double the results of my efforts.  Enjoy!

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