Chinese Medicinal Wines

I make an assorted selection of these "Longevity Elixers" and often get asked what were traditionally used for, so am putting together this post for easy reference...many of them are Blood tonics.

Eucommia bark, Du Zhong - Kidney Yang Deficiency, weak and/or sore lower back and/or knees

Angelica root, Dang Gui root including tail - build and move Blood, regulate menstruation

Astragalus root, Huang Qi - build Qi and Blood, move Blood, immunity (not for acute infectious stages)

Jujube Date, Da Zao - build Qi and Blood, move Blood, tonify Spleen Qi (digestion)

Ginseng, Ren Shen - tonify Lung and Spleen, Heart Qi, calm Shen, generate fluids, body fatigue, vacuity after illness

Goji berry, Gou Qi Zi and Fo Ti root, He Shou Wu blend:
Go Ji - tonify Kidney, nourish Liver, brighten the eyes, Wind, night blindness, blurred vision, upper back pain
He Shou Wu - tonify Kidney, nourish Liver, boost Jing, darken gray hair, insomnia, blurred vision, calm Shen, thinning hair, early gray

These are made with Sake and can be drank straight or with a little water or juice.

Pressing the infused sake to remove the marc, or spent herbs, and decanting.

Here is great book if you want to know more, or do this yourself. 

As with everything else on this blog, this information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; but rather is simple educational material. Please consult a qualified health practitioner for your health needs.

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