Extinction (and Tattoos, Grieving, and Health)

Health in the Garden.

I often get asked what my tattoos mean, so I decided to blog about them.  I'm going to start with the latest and in the future will write about some of the others...

A similar tattoo to the one found on the Ice Maiden, one of the most elaborate and well preserved tattoos found on an ancient person.  Read more about this interesting story here.

On my last visit back in April, I chose to get 3.  This was to make up for lost time since I hadn't gotten a tattoo since getting Lyme back in August 2011.  I hadn't gone that long since getting my first in 1995 and they form a special ritual for me; their mark being permanently on my skin as a representation of my life at the time is important to me.  It felt good to be well enough to do it.  So these tattoos represent that to me too.  They represent life and health in the midst of extinction.

The Extinction Symbol.  I like that I have it where I would have a watch because THIS is what time it is and it reminds me that NOW is all that matters.  Be Here Now.

And I say extinction because we are in the sixth greatest mass extinction right now.  Not only are insane numbers of creatures going extinct daily because of us humans, but we will likely follow suit before it's over.  This is a big deal and I mourned and grieved for years about it.  I feel I am now on the other side of that for the most part and now "simply" attempt to be in the moment, find joy, do what is important and good, and prepare as I can for the coming collapse.

'The Dancing Shaman' - a 10,000 y.o. cave painting - also representing Dance and Art in this time of needed Shapeshifting.

I felt the extinction symbol went well with the two other tattoos that are tied to primitive peoples as I think those peoples have a lot to teach us and that we will have to return to a more primitive way of living in the world to be sustainable, especially considering Peak Oil and other Peak resources.  We will need more community, more egalitarianism, more simplicity, more frugality, ....and less greed, selfishness, and shortsightedness.  I'm not sure that it's not too late; but I nonetheless do what I can, just in case. 

I hope you will join me.

​"At the stillpoint of the turning world

there the dance is.

And without the point

that stillpoint

there would be no dance

and there is only the dance."

- T. S. Elliot​

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