Candlelight Meditation - How to

Here is one simple method of meditating... begin easy, even 5 minutes is good, and work up to a larger amount of time.  Try to incorporate this into your daily routine.  You will find the benefits huge.
I began almost 20 years ago and I can say it has changed my life, and even my person,
for the better in ways that pervade my every moment.


Turn off your phone and other disturbances,
let household members know
you’re taking some private,
quiet time for yourself. 
You may wish to set a timer for 15-60 minutes.

Light your candle, turn off all other lights.
Find a comfortable position, back straight
so that your energy can flow unimpeded. 

Take 3 deep breaths:  all the way in to the depths of your belly, hold for a moment as you feel it nourish your entire body, and slowly release all the way out becoming empty…and open…
repeat 2 more times, then resume normal breathing.
Let your worries, or anything else you need to release,
go with your exhalations.
Breathe in calm stillness, or whatever else it is that you need.

When you find your attention wandering from the breath
and the candle, bring it back gently, and continue…

The Dancing Flame

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