The Beauty of Brown

Mantis on Zinnia, an annual that attracts Butterflies.

These are some pictures I took in early October in a landscape client's garden.  When you garden/landscape organically you support so much life, even in the brown of Fall.  I was collecting seeds in her annual cutting garden for sowing the following year and spotted these beauties, little did I know at the time I would still see butterflies for another month.  We had a late frost here in northern Virginia.

You talkin' to me?

Even though it was Fall, both of these creatures seem like they may be pregnant to me, ready to give birth.  We may be going into the dark of Winter, but the eggs and seeds of Spring are already upon us.

Skipper Butterfly on Cosmos, an annual that attracts Butterflies

Perennial Butterfly Plants for Sun

Armeria, Sea Pink
Asclepias, Milkweed*
Baptisia, Indigo
Borago, Borage
Centranthus, Red Valerian
Centaurea, Bachelor's Button
Dianthus, Pinks
Echinops, Globe Thistle
Eupatorium, hardy Ageratum
Gaillardia, Blanket flower
hardy Geraniums
Iberis, Candytuft
Salvias, ornamental, hardy Sages
Symphytum, Comfrey

*Milkweeds are of utmost importance to support the Monarchs

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