Easy Krispy Kale

A healthy delicious snack for you!

Pour a couple tblspns of olive oil on a baking sheet 
and spread it around using the leafy side of each piece of Kale.

Once oil is all over the sheet and the leafy sides of your Kale, 
place all the Kale stem-side-down on the sheet.

Top with Herbamare and garlic powder, if you don't have Herbamare, you can use salt, 
cook about 15 min. until browned.
I use the low broil setting and place the sheet on the bottom oven rack.

Try not to overlap the Kale, but squeeze it in side by side so all of the leafy parts are exposed to the heat.

Can be eaten hot or cold; it's most crispy when hot, but works well in lunches or on sandwiches.

Try different spices as a topping to change the flavor, 
such as nutritional yeast (after baking), curry, italian seasoning, etc.

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