Autumn-Olive Berry Honeycakes

Autumn-Olive berries need be ripe to taste agreeable.  If you get them before they are ripe they are incredibly astringent and chalky.  You can taste one each day until they sweeten up, so you know when to harvest.  There will still be a slight astringency and chalkiness to them even when ripe, but don’t let that scare you.

Autumn-Olive is an aggressive, non-native species which means that they spread readily and overtake native species.  Not a good thing.  We can take advantage of this because it means they are commonly found in many locations.  And by taking their fruit (and their seed), we keep them from propagating.  Two good things.  Their pomegranate, plum-like taste is yet another.

I’m really into texture when it comes to food; it’s as important as flavor to me.  The seed inside the berry gives these fluffy pancakes a nice crunch.

 Mix everything together:
1 ½ c. whole grain pancake mix
2 organic eggs
½ c. hemp milk
1-2 c. Autumn Olive berries
2 Tbspn. honey

Makes 12+ smallish honeycakes, enough for two.

I don’t worry about taking the stems off the berries; all it does is add a little fiber and since you are eating the seed with the berry, you already have a fibrous texture happening.

I don’t add oil to my mix because I prefer to use more in the skillet when cooking to get the grilled exterior.  I love coconut oil for this, being quite liberal with it in the skillet.  These honeycakes are great as they are, or you can add whatever toppings you might like.  I like to top my pancakes with ground flaxseeds to get some Omega 3s.

With the added honey, these cakes are quick to burn, so keep an eye on them.



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