In the Wilderness of my Solitude

    I knew everything I needed to know        without knowing anything
                                            this knowing pervades my moment:

    spiderwebs of time beat upon my shores with their embryonic embrace
    sinews of edification breed                                 hope and despair dance

    I bow to the Earth and her straightaway brimstone, tacit as a Dandelion

    behooved to catapult
        this numinous inkling
            of meta-oblation fractalling
                                                      touch the truth

Standing in the sun,     willing to burn away,         while others bask in frivolity
Wit clamors to take precedent,
    all the while words struggle to make it back from their pilgrimage
                                     heavy with the weight of the unspeakable firmament

The mountains are walking, but most two-leggeds are apathetic about their ignorance,
                                                                                           driven by the machine…

                                                      the truth touches you

                            do you see?


"There's no sauce in the world like hunger." - Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra


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