Near Term Human Extinction

In dealing with this, I have been collaging.  It's a hard thing to come to terms with, and a hard reality to live.

The collaging has helped; what do you do?  I have worked through much thought and emotion and cathartically come to a better place in the production of each of these, a month or so apart.  I offer collaging workshops, here in northern Virginia.

'Dichotomous Balance'

"You were born in a human form, and you find joy in it. Yet there are ten thousand other forms endlessly transforming that are equally good, and the joy in these is untold." - Chuang Tsu

'Stardust in the Eye of the Beholder'

Overall, I think the point is to find joy and to do what we can to help the Earth, as She will be here long after we are gone.  I have a Facebook group to this end.


Swollen Lymph Nodes and an Herbal Remedy

So, once I arrived at work yesterday, I realized my lymph nodes in my face and neck were quite swollen and very painful...ack.  It hurt to talk or chew, plus I had some upper back, neck and shoulder tension.  Not having much on hand, I just kept hydrated, took some Vitamin C, and made up an herbal remedy when I arrived home.  Thinking I may have the start of the flu, or worse, I knew I needed to act to hopefully nip it in the bud since I am leaving for a trip in a few days.

This is what I did, along with a Zinc lozenge.

Using what I had on hand (meaning I may have used other herbs had I had other herbs on hand), I decocted, in about four cups of water,  a few tablespoons of Red Root and a small handful of dried Elderberries to which I infused a few small handfuls of Red Clover.  I strained this and saved the marc to re-use the next day.  I split it into two doses,  having one before I went to bed.  To each dose, I added a dropper each of Usnea and Propolis tincture and a spoonful of raw honey.

Golden Propolis from my Bees.

When I awoke the next morning, the swelling and pain was reduced to less than half.  I drank the other dose and made my second decoction with the leftover marc, making two more doses, one of which I will have tonight, the other tomorrow morning.  I will make another batch if needed tomorrow afternoon.

Look at that beautiful, rich, full color.
Here is a photo of the beautiful Usnea I harvested for the tincture.

I will harvest some Lemon Balm from the garden today and add it to a bath tonight to help relax the muscle tension.  I'll also infuse it in my evening dose above for its anti-viral effects.

Joy in the Woodland Yard

Want to know what delights me? Discovering a native wildflower in the yard that I hadn't seen here before. Prenanthes serpentaria Gall-of-the-Earth, apparently used for Rattlesnake bite. Let's hope I never need it. It is growing within 30' of where I think Copperheads are denning; wonder if it works for their bite too. It's an alexiteric. Only 4 plants, so I won't be harvesting any, but hoping to support it spreading...

Here are various websites I used to verify the species of the Genus, which was also called Nalabus.


Rain Dances with Words

I listen
    as the Thunder rolls
                in the mountains
                all around me.
    Does it foretell of rain?

I contemplate
    joined by the sky        hazy,
            full of sunlight,
            authentic in it’s brightness.

              the air        heavy,
            sitting all around me,
            too close for comfort.

    At once!
the winds blow in
        drawing the Thunder with them
            and a hint of relief.

            The Thunder   e c h o e s
                amongst the treetops.
                of the quenching it might bring.

We hear your song,
    We, the caretakers and parched denizens of this land,
We call you on…

    and she listened too
        for tease me not.
The rain
    it did
and you were there,
            in the Cedars and Queen Anne’s Lace.
How I miss you.

The rain        from my eyes too